Ilpoom Jjajangmen
  • SPECIFICATION                           190g X 12

  • BOX DIMENSION                        530 X 360 X 140

  • CBM                                              0.02671

  • LOADABLE QUANTITY              20'            1,000

       (C/T)                                              40'            2,500

  • SHELF LIFE                                   12 MONTHS

Product Description
  • Flame cooked blackbeen sauce pouch added Genuine Korean Traditional black bean sauce taste

  1. Pour boiled water up to the mark inside the container.

  2. Cover the lid and put the sauce pack on the top of the lid and wait for 4 minutes.

  3. Follow the dotted line and make a hole, pour out the water, then squeeze out the sauce pack on top of the noodle and mix well.

  4. enjoy your Paldo Jjajangmen.

Cooking Description