Ilpoom Jjajangmen
  • SPECIFICATION                          (200gX4)X4

  • BOX DIMENSION                        390 X 310 X 140

  • CBM                                              0.0169


  • LOADABLE QUANTITY              20'            1,600

       (C/T)                                              40'            3,380

  • SHELF LIFE                                   12 MONTHS

Product Description
  • Ilpoom Jjajang men has traditional black bean sauce cooked in open fire mixed with large chunks of meat and vegetables. Fresh ingredients provide a rich flavor.

  • Ilpoom premium quality instant noodles soup series

  • This product contains premium sauce in the retort pouch which makes it easy to cook and eat.

  1. Add the noodles into 600ml of boiling water.

  2. Boil the nooles for 5 minutes.

  3. Add seasoning sauce on the noodles.

  4. Mix well and serve.

Cooking Description