Paldo Bibim Jang Sauce

A great way to go for a balance taste of our signature sauce and juicy dumplings great for dipping, glazing, and seasoning! This user-friendly bottle come with a convenient flip-top will reduce mess and easily dispense every time the go to sauce when making Korean bibimbap. You name it, this sauce is good with everything! Capacity: 380grams.

Using only the finest ingredients: Kochujang, sugar, chili powder, sesame oil, onion extract, apple extract, vinegar, mustard powder, etc. Enjoy this sauce with noodles, rice dishes, vegetables and more. You will have sipping and savoring the spicy, sweetness and saltiness of the meal down to the very last drop!

- Signature Original

Great for Bibimbap,, Bibim Noodles,

Tteokbokki, Meat dishes.

-Butter Soy Sauce

Great for Fried rice. Fried Noddle, Meat, Vegi dishes etc.

-Spicy Sauce

Any Dishes you want to add more

Spicy Taste.

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